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Internet Marketers Are Launching New Video

 Content and Syndication Tactics


Research shows that people want to switch from

watching television to videos via the Internet on their

computers, handhelds and other devices. And Content Propulsion

Lab, a Division of Content Desk, a major player in provisioning

high-quality content for web publishers, is right there at the

forefront leading Internet marketers and others interested in

the creation and syndication of video content.


“The tools that enable broadcast quality video production and

syndication are practically free these days,” said Mark Braunstein,

Founding Partner of Content Desk at, and of

Content Propulsion Lab at “So the

Playing field has been leveled with the networks…and now your

next door neighbor with the webcam could become the next big

internet celebrity.”


Content Propulsion Lab offers tools, resources, webinars, and

continuous training for all types of content creation and

syndication. Their members can focus on making and syndicating

their own videos, articles, podcasts, audios and more – with all

the tools, technology, strategy and training in one place,

freeing up lots of time, energy, money and focus. And the timing

couldn’t be better.


Research from the Points North Group and Horowitz Associates in

“Internet Users Lined Up for Video,” by Enid Burns, March 2,

2006, Incisive Interactive Marketing LLC., 2006, shows that:


-“TV Junkies” are anticipating rich video content from providers

like Yahoo! and Google.


 - One-third of those surveyed said they were interested in

Google Video and some 41% leaned towards the launch and growth

of Yahoo! Go service.


 - Downloading versus streaming will become more of an issue, as

well as the focus on variety in the range of offerings; video

formats for computers, laptops, PDAs, iPods and other devices.


Savvy Internet marketers who prepare now with the tools and

strategies of the future will be at a greater advantage for

broader promotional campaigns and sales strategies to increase

their bottom lines. And with tools and learning strategy for

video creation, not to mention article syndication, podcasting,

audio streaming and more – all in one place, successful Internet

marketing will be a breeze, or click, for those who take the

time to learn and keep up with fast-paced new media growth and



“The buzz of a viral internet video can make you an online

business success if you know what you’re doing,” added

Braunstein. He teaches members of Content Propulsion Lab how to

create and syndicate content online.



Growth of 100+ with Sample Video


Content Propulsion Lab member Kelvin Brown has been

experimenting with video lately. His latest creation netted 100

video plays in one day.  


“Almost any content can be turned into video, exceptable to

google and other sources,” said Kelvin Brown of  .


His video shows people how to create redirects (links that will

direct someone to another site), also known as tiny URLs, for

free. It’s online at Google at:  


Learn more by visiting Content Propulsion Lab at or emailing






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relations and writing, visit 

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