Paris Hilton Wins “Sexiest Celebrity of 2005”


Whip out the score cards, everyone! Paris Hilton has just been

awarded “Sexiest Celebrity of 2005” hands-down by


What’s in a name? Well, today it’s Paris Hilton or Paris the



 If you’re Shakespeare, “that which we call a rose by any other

word would smell as sweet.*" But if you’re Paris Hilton or

“Paris the Heiress,” the spicy lady who even has her own

flagrant fragrant out in the world wide marketplace, the title

is sweet.


Generally seen around-the-town wearing a  tank top with denim

jacket,  low-cut Frankie B. jeans, waistbands glaring with

faux-diamonds,  and a face boasting Hollywood flash makeup, this

urban-stye rich ditz attracts attention worldwide. 


Paris Hilton has previously stated that “No matter what a woman

looks like, if she's confident, she's sexy.”  This award only

proves the validity of that statement.


Ms. Hilton, born on February 17th, 1981, is the daughter of real

estate magnate Rick (& Kathy)Hilton. She is the

great-granddaughter of hotel magnate Conrad Hilton and

granddaughter of Barron Hilton. And she’s noted as being the

grand-niece of Nicholas Conrad "Nicky" Hilton (once married to

Elizabeth Taylor)  and co-heiress to an  estimated $300 million

family fortune with her younger sister, Nicky (2 years younger).


About Paris


Shortly after graduating from high school, Paris headed for the

runway. Her modeling career featured participation in designer

shows for famous names like Marc Bouwer and Catherine

Malandrino. And her portfolio included a top ad campaign for

Italian label Iceberg.


Paris’ modeling shoots have been published in national

magazines; FHM, GQ and Vanity Fair. And she has been profiled in

People magazine with her sister. 


Continuing along with the actress avenue, Ms. Hilton appeared in

several small films. Her credits include Ben Stiller’s Zoolander

in 2001,  The Simple Life , a reality show in 2003 with sequels

in 2004 and 2005, Raising Helen in 2004, and a remake of House

of Wax in 2005. She also released a book, Confessions of an

Heiress in 2004.


Sexy Days


Referred to as a partying socialite, Ms. Hilton is rumored to

have been engaged for about a year to Greek shipping heir Paris

Latsis. And name-dropping celebs she’s been seen with include

Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys, model Tommy Hilfiger, boxer

Oscar de la Hoya,  actor Leonardo DiCaprio and Edward Furlong

(Terminator 2). Other claims to sexy-fame include a rendezvous

with an earlier boyfriend, Rick Solomon, AKA husband of actress

Shannen Doherty and an alleged – and famous (both online and

off) sex-tape scandal.  


Sexy-antics noted by the press include but are not limited to

dancing topless to get attention, wearing t-shirts with drug

slogans and being roudy in public places.


So in conclusion, what's in a name like a rose? Or Paris Hilton?

She who we call Paris the Heiress or Paris the “Sexiest

Celebrity” might even sound as sweet. Go Shakespeare! features celebrity news and information. 



*From Romeo and Juliet (II, ii, 1-2)

** Paris Hilton quotes by 2005






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