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How to Generate Permanent Passive Income

Streams for Life


Last week, I traveled to beautiful San Diego for business and

spent the day in a hotel restaurant that overlooked the harbor.

With laptop in tow and cell phone in hand, I worked, without



As the sun set, I took a stroll and it occurred to me that

technology and the crazy pace of our world has caused us to work

24/7. Life’s way too short for that.


But, Passive Income holds the answer.


Passive Income means that you earn money while you enjoy the

beach, golf or the mall.


Pursue these 5 Ways to Generate Passive Income:


1.  Real Estate Investing

Acquire a building; then you can collect rent. Other than

maintenance and managing tenants (and you can outsource these

activities if you like), rent is pure passive income.



2.  Sales – Good Old Fashion Selling

As a longtime sales professional, I like this flavor of passive

income. Depending on the commission plan, you can establish an

account, close sales now, and earn commissions for years to

come. The key to earning passive income is the “tail.” In other

words, once you close an account, how long will the House pay

you commissions?



3.  Intellectual Property (copyrights and patents)

As a copywriter, I continuously create written materials. Once

we publish a work we can earn profits for years. Consider my

bestselling booklet ‘157 Ways to Cut Your Grocery Bill.’ We

launched the original edition in 2002, which generated an

instant increase in sales and still rolls in today. Once you do

the work up front, you can earn money for years.



4. Ezines and Electronic Newsletters

My company newsletter, Publishing Gold, includes some kind of

promotion in almost every issue. Sometimes we include the

promotion in the Editor’s Note, and other times we include a

Link at the bottom of an article. We also post our most popular

articles on our Website and include the link to the sales page.

These efforts generate effortless passive income.


Even if you are not a writer, you can find freelance writers at

reasonable rates; in fact that is one of the services our

company offers. Writers can create content for you; or they can

ghostwrite, which means you become the author. You can search

for “Freelance Writers” and “Ghostwriters” online.


You can find articles (content) for reprint by doing a search

for “Article Directories,” “Ezine Content,” “Ezine Articles” and

“Article Libraries.” Reprint content that will interest your audience.

Be sure to get permission to reprint first, and print the

author’s byline exactly as required (you’ll usually find the

reprint requirements on the Websites).



5.  Affiliate Programs on the Internet

Today, you can create your own passive income stream by creating

a Website and offering products for sale. You don’t even have to

create product; you can license or promote other manufacturers’

or distributors’ products. Become an “Affiliate” and then

promote other companies’ products on your Site. When your

members, subscribers or associates make a purchase, the company

pays you a commission. With ecommerce, it’s easy and there’s no

labor involved. All the work is completely automated online

through a shopping cart or affiliate program. And that’s a

beautiful thing.




Are you pressed for time?

Short on funds and long on expenses?

Looking to retire early with confidence?


Then Passive Income Holds the Answers for YOU.




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