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Press Release Writing Tips


A press release is an announcement of a newsworthy item that is

issued to journalists and other media representatives. And it is a

document that is generally formatted in a basic manner across the

publishing industry for quick, efficient handing across the board of

your news by media professionals.


With regards to the basics of press release writing, here are

seven basic elements that every press release should contain:


· FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: These words should appear in the upper

left-hand margin and you should capitalize every letter.


· Contact Information: Insert this after the release statement above

and list the contact information of the company spokesperson.


· Headline: This should be written after the contact information.


· Dateline: List the city of origin for your press release.


· Lead Paragraph: The first paragraph needs to grab the reader's

attention and should contain the relevant information to your

message such as the five W's (who, what, when, where, why).


· Text: Next comes the main body of your press release where

your message should develop fully.


· Last Paragraph: Make sure to alert the reading audience where

to turn for more information; i.e. a postal address, phone

number and website link. Plus offer something free for them; a

report, newsletter or other gift.


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format and presentation.



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