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Learn From The Pros

‘How To Make Over $20,000 Per Month’



New Orleans, LA – Internet marketers (IM), webmasters, writers,

business owners and many others, from beginners to experts in

their industries, are gathering not only in a membership site

online, but in New Orleans. Their goal is to learn how to earn

more than $20,000 per month. And their instructors will be top IM

pros who’ve “been there, done that” and still ARE doing that.


“If other information is available…including the experiences of

others, tap into it,” said leading business consultant and former

West Point Class President Scott Snair.*


Snair was referring to the first step in understanding the secret

of good tactics and good timing. And that’s what Content Desk is

all about.


An Internet content syndication center and a source of

high-quality, targeted content for webmasters, Content Desk has a

variety of tools to help members create and use all types of

content from articles, reports, facts, tips, newsletters and

forums, to blogs, audio, video, interviews, product reviews,

creative writing, public domain information, RSS and much more.

The exclusive online community focuses on four things; community,

learning, technology and profits.


Charter member William (AKA tecHead) Frazier shared his

experience with Content Desk.


BRIEF INTERVIEW WITH: William (tecHead) Frazier


1.  How did you learn about Content Desk & what made you decide

to sign up?


I learned about Content Desk from Jack Humphrey (managing partner

in the exclusive Content Desk Charter Members publishing group).

He explained to me that he was building a community of like

minded individuals focused on Content Site building and asked if

I'd be interested.


I'm a very spiritual person and what made me sign up was the

positive 'vibe' I got from Jack. Just that simple. :)


2.    Please share how you’ve successfully used the tools in

Content Desk / Content Site Builder so far…


I guess the most valuable asset I've realized (and used) from CD

are the people and the dialog that ensues on the forum. I've used

this information to further my own research for PUSHlogs (my own

product) and gear my studies in a direction not selfishly

motivated; but rather accentuated by the voices of those in the



3.    If there are any future plans you could share; i.e. what

you look forward to using Content Desk Publishing Group?


I plan on continuing to do what I've been doing. Sitting back and

listening/reading and learning what the concerns of the people

are. I'll then continue to translate that knowledge to possible

solution scenarios geared towards the Content Site Builder

through PUSHlogs; and possibly other tools.


4.    Any sites your could share with readers?


Well, its pretty obvious that my absolute favorite site is... (PUSHlogs).


...right now, lol. I mean, PR7 BABY!! I'm still stoked about that



5. Anything you'd like to add?


Not really. This is the first (Internet) interview I've been

asked to do; it’s a little weird. I never set out to be this

"guru"; although I know that isn't why you're interviewing me.

Things are just transpiring in a way I hadn't even imagined.


I guess I did have something to say, huh? :)


I just want everyone to take a little time every now and again

and remove themselves from the 'rat race' of IM and concentrate

on what they can "give" to the relationships they get involved in

'out here'; as opposed to what they can get out of them. I think

we'd all make bigger strides that way.  ::shrug::


Thanks, Diana :)






The Content Desk membership community communicates via their

private forum, virtual conferences, teleconferences, email,

support desk, workshops and new Mentor / Sponsorship Program for

members to team up. Some of their tools are downloads and videos,

while others are online applications and knowledge shared through

learning. Learning is offered in the form of videos, articles,

help texts, tutorials, member sharing and seminars/workshops.


Content Desk membership fees go right back into development of

new software and tools so that members are always on the

cutting-edge and far ahead of all the "point-and-click" site

builders out there.


Cyber-brains behind the Content Desk scene are the “Power Trio;”

Jack Humphrey, Mark Braunstein, and Peter Lenkefi. These three

renowned visionaries found themselves smack dab in the middle of

the emerging, fledgling web publishing industry.




So if you’re interested in taking your business on to victory,

don’t just focus on any old strategy. Learn from the pros. Focus

on the secret strategy taught at West Point, where victory in

business is as important as victory in battle.


“Making the right decisions doesn’t always win the battle.

Sometimes, doing so involves making the right decisions at the

right times.”**


The right place is New Orleans. The right time is Sept. 9-11,

2005, when Content Desk is hosting a 3-day seminar / workshop to

help others learn more and earn more. A full year of support

follow up afterwards is included in the package. The program

focus is, “How To Triple Your Income With Irresistible New

Content Publishing, Traffic Building and Sales Conversion

Techniques - The Three Proven Keys To Internet Success."


"Son of a gun, we're gonna have big fun, on the bayou…”


For more information, visit Mardi Gras  . To learn more about Content

Desk and check on the availability of limited openings at Content

Site Builder, visit  . Join hundreds

of publishers and writers in creating and syndicating your

content at Content Propulsion Lab  .

Visit  for help.




*  and ** West Point Leadership Lessons (Naperville, IL:

Sourcebooks, Inc 2004), Scott Snair.




-           30-




By Diana Barnum, president of and CEO of . For more help with marketing, public

relations and writing, email

or call: (614) 529-9459. Note: Content Desk members may

substitute their own affiliate links in the article above,

but this byline needs to remain in tact.