January 25, 2006



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Introducing Property Buyers and Sellers to the

Christel Connection


Scottsdale, AZ –  Voted among the Top 100 ‘Best Places to Live’

in 2005 by CNN Money.com, Scottsdale, Arizona, placed 35th with

a population, town and surrounding area estimated at 289,393.

And for those looking to buy or sell homes or properties in the

Scottsdale, Arizona area, the new choice clearly leads to Real

Estate Agent Randi Christel, local resident with 20 years of

living in the Valley of the Sun, and experienced agent with over

20 years of corporate sales and marketing experience.


“I enjoy the Scottsdale area, but that doesn’t necessarily mean

Scottsdale is for you,” said Randi Christel. “So I can show you

real estate in many fine cities this great state has to offer,

like Fountain Hills, Paradise Valley, Tempe and Phoenix.

Together we will find a wonderful place for you to call home.”


Whether a client is a first time or seasoned home or property

buyer, Christel has a variety of listings available including

locations for seniors looking for retirement properties with

golf amenities; properties for experienced and novice investors;

places for homeowners wanting to downsize or upsize…and more.

And since selecting the right real estate agent can make a

difference in successful locating, negotiations, closing and

taking ownership, Christel stands ready to serve.


Christel Clear


Having moved to the Valley of the Sun after a corporate

relocation in 1985,  Christel has an intimate knowledge of the North

Phoenix/Scottsdale real estate market. She helps people exceed

their goals with a combination strategy that features:


-           An out going, down to earth, principled focus

-           Years of professional executive-level sales and corporate

marketing experience

-           Business savvy to ensure that client goals are met.

-           A unique blend of friendly and honest advice combined with

strong negotiation and marketing skills.


What is crystal clear is that Christel is committed to helping

buy and sell homes and investment properties.


“Think about what home means,” explain Christel. “Your home is

where your story begins. It is a place where you put your roots;

where your families’ memories are made; where your children are

raised. Your “home” is not only your house but your community as



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