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Make Sure You’re Holding The Right Cards



Does your business card reflect a positive image for your

business?  Does it clearly define what your business is all about

at a glance?  If not, you may be making some big mistakes in your

marketing and need to take another look at the message you are

putting out there.


Why?  Because if a prospective customer views your business image

as unprofessional or confusing, they will simply do business with

someone else. You can’t afford to let that happen to you.  Are

you holding the right cards?


While presenting marketing seminars to thousands of business

owners and entrepreneurs, Debbie Allen (sales and marketing

expert) discovered a shocking reality.  Many of the business

cards presented a poor and unprofessional image of the business

at first glance. Very few business cards or marketing materials

had an effective message that described the business clearly.

Most lacked a strong visual logo that defined the business and

had no branded image or catch praise that set them apart from

their competition.


With this newfound discovery, Debbie began to ask members of the

audience to stay after her presentation to receive a free

business card evaluation. This intrigued attendees, and many

waited for up to an hour to have a chance to talk with her in

person and to get feedback on how to improve their marketing



Another discovery! Many owners and managers are so close to their

businesses that they don't see the most obvious mistakes.  The

reason for this is that they don't look at their business through

their customers' eyes. They view it from a very narrow focus,

their own eyesight. This can be disastrous for a company's

professional image.


Just as people judge individuals at first glance, so they judge a

business image the same way. If prospective customers view the

business image as unprofessional or confusing, they will simply

walk away. Prospective customers will be lost to competitors

who do a better job at marketing their company's image, brand

and uniqueness.


The goal of an organization should be to create a strong,

immediate message that clearly defines its business.  The

message must connect an emotional bond with the customers, both

verbally and visually. This same image and message must be

coherent on all marketing materials ranging from a company's

business card, advertising, packaging and signage to its



Once organizations recognize the need to improve their

business image on their marketing materials, it can be easy to

make the changes needed to update and improve.  The solution is

often a small investment in a graphic artist and a marketing



Where do you start?  A great place to start is to take a close

look at your business card as if you were a prospective customer.

First compare it with the list of top 10 mistakes below then take

the business card ranking quiz online at


The 10 Most Common Business Card Mistakes


1. Scrambles messages with inconsistent design elements.

2. Does not clearly define your business services and/or


3. Does not make you memorable (in a good way).

4. Indicates unflattering things about your business.

5. Does not generate additional business.

6. Creates a cluttered impression.

7. Omits essential information, or is filled with non-essential


8. Looks out of date, or information no longer applies.

9. Is hard to read or confusing to the eye.

10. Lacks a point of interest, image or theme.


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Debbie Allen is an international business speaker and author of

five books on sales and marketing.  She has presented before

thousands of people in nine countries around the world.  Debbie

is the founder of ‘International Business Image Improvement Month

(May)’ which was created to help people improve their marketing

materials and present a more professional business image to

attract more customers.  Take her free online business card quiz

to see if you’re holding the right cards at





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