October 11, 2005



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OAIMA Honors RT Industries



           RT Industries (RTI) in Troy, Ohio, along with their staff,

workers and consumers were honored this fall by the Ohio

Aggregates and Industrial Minerals Association (OAIMA) in a

special ceremony. During the event, the OAIMA presented awards

for RTI’s special contract job at the 110 Foss Way facilities of

the Miami County Board of Mental Retardation and Developmental

Disabilities (MRDD), home of the MRDD’s Adult Program, where

workers package samples of aggregates and minerals mined in Ohio

along with industry informational literature.


           “RT Industries has assembled 1,800 of these Ohio Rocks and

Minerals Kits,” said Pat Jacomet, executive director of OAIMA.

“They’ve been distributed throughout the state, mainly to schools

and teachers as educational tools. Our OAIMA member companies

have been very gracious by donating time and materials for this

special project.  The folks at RTI have been instrumental in

meeting the increased demand for these invaluable teaching



           Many OAIMA members also purchase the kits for local schools,

civic groups, boy and Girl Scout troops and open house events.

In addition, OAIMA members presented each consumer at RTI with a

T-Shirt emblazoned with the RTI and OAIMA logos and the caption,

“RTI and OAIMA – Partners in Earth Science Education.”


           Each Educational kit contains samples of natural gravel, gypsum,

sandstone, clay, dolomite, flint, salt, quartz, limestone and

slag, all of which are available in Ohio. RTI workers assemble

and fill the sectioned boxes and complete the package by

inserting  educational materials including; a “Facts at a Glance”

informational sheet about the aggregate industry in Ohio; and an

“Ohio Rocks and Minerals Kit” informational brochure describing

each sample.


Among the special guests honoring RTI  were OAIMA President

Dennis Garrison, with the Melvin Stone Company; Richard Martin,

Chair of the OAIMA Public Relations Committee (from Barrett

Paving Materials, Inc.) and PR committee members: Tim Augustine

of Bowser-Morner, Inc. and Diana Barnum with North American

Quarry News; Dennis Hull of the Ohio Geological Survey, Karen

Mayer, superintendent of Riverside of Miami County; Sharon

Emerick, Riverside Vocational Development manager; Ginger Willcox

and LeAnn Bradley, workshop production supervisors; Mayor Michael

L. Beamish, City of Troy; and the Miami County Commissioners.


For more information and inclusion in the OAIMA mailing list,

contact OAIMA at 162 N. Hamilton Rd., Gahanna, OH 43230. Call:

(800) OH-ROCKS / (614) 428-7954; fax inquiries to: (614)

428-7919. Visit them online at: http://www.oaima.org  .


-        By freelance writer Diana Barnum at http://ohiohelp.net .

Email her at diana@ohiohelp.net or call: (614) 529-9459.





“If it can’t be grown, it has to be mined.”


Group members in OAIMA promote awareness of the industry

throughout the community. Neighborhood groups, school children,

media, and legislative representatives – nearly everyone can

benefit from learning, “If it can’t be grown, it has to be

mined.” So the group helps educate with facts like:



·          There are 95,000 Tons of Aggregate per 1-mile of 4-lane highway

·          Each Ohio Resident requires 11 tons of aggregate Each Year

·          The Average Home Requires 106 Tons of Aggregate

·          The Average School or Hospital Requires 15,000 Tons of




·          Natural aggregate – 4th Nationally

·          Limestone – 4th Nationally

·          Slag – Top 4 (2nd in Steel Manufacturing)



·          Clay and Shale – 5th Nationally

·          Sandstone and Industrial Sands – 2nd Nationally

·          Salt – 5th nationally

·          Cement – Overall Ohio is 10th Nationally in Aggregate and

Mineral Production



OAIMA Project Info Sheet


-        The Ohio Rocks and Minerals Kits represent rocks and minerals mined in Ohio.


-        Ohio is the 2nd largest producer of aggregates in the US (and this includes salt).


-        Distribution of the kits is to the schools, boy and girl scouts and geological groups.

      They are also sold in the Statehouse Museum Shop – in downtown Columbus and

      online at www.statehouseshop.com and on eBay.


-        OAIMA represents all of Ohio’s industrial mineral industries, promotes its member

interests in the public and private sector, promotes responsible regulatory compliance,

provides education, training and communication, and meets the growing needs of the

membership and community.


-        OAIMA represents 201 active and associate members at this time – including over 90%

     of the aggregate produced in the state.






Media Notes:


1.        Patrick A. Jacomet, Executive Director of OAIMA is available

for interviews and speaking engagements. Contact him at:


Ohio Aggregates and Industrial Minerals Association

162 N. Hamilton Rd.

Gahanna, OH 43230

Call: (800) OH-ROCKS / (614) 428-7954

Fax: (614) 428-7919




2. Ohio Mined Rock Sets, great to use as promotional pieces, are

available upon request for media. Contract Patrick Jacomet (above

in #1) for sets. Photo and description online at Statehouse

Museum Shop: http://www.statehouseshop.com/browse.cfm/4,1353.html


3. Photos of event above are available here: