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The Secrets to Success

Discovered Through Self-Promotion


It amazed me to discover that over 87 percent of the people I surveyed

felt extremely uncomfortable with the concept of self-promotion.

Many of these same people hold themselves back from too many

missed opportunities to become successful because of it.


Where did the fear of self-promotion come from?Many learned the

opposite from their parents as they were growing up.They where

taught to believe that it was not polite to talk about themselves;

if they do, it will come across as pushy, rude or they will appear

to have a big ego.


Some parents may have taught that, and also said, ďGo out in

the world on your own and be successful.Ē This combo-belief goes

against the grain of all sales and marketing success!


How can you be successful if you donít tell others what

you do and how you can help them?You canít! If you donít

self-promotion, you are holding yourself back from too many

missed opportunities and the success that you truly deserve!


Undeniably, there is unethical self-promotion.Weíve all

witnessed it, and maybe even lost business to it. But

unethical or ineffective self-promotion is not what weíre



You can do successful self Ė promoting with class, ethics

and service to others. Begin to look at self-promotion from this

day forward as serving others instead of self-serving.


Iím sure you are passionate about what you do and truly want to

help your customers. If that is the case Ė donít you want to help

more and more people that could use your services and/or products?

You canít do that if you donít successfully self-promote and tell more

people about what you do.Tell others why you are the expert and share

success stories from your customers.Your self-promotion, when

done well, helps people to get what they desire.


The most successful people in the world are all self-promoters.

These are the people that talk in elevators!In fact, behavioral scientists,

George Dudley and Shannon Goodson, have made a career out of

studying the science of self-promotion to prove it.Their assessment

identifies the ways in which we unconsciously avoid self-promotion and

limit our success.Their research studies discovered that ďself-promotion

is directly related to success.Ē


It you donít toot your own horn, you canít enjoy the music.




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