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Something From Nothing, With Something To Share


Betrayal, it can hit you like a load of bricks falling from the

sky, leaving you with a pit in your stomach that no pill can



Starting your own business is hard enough, however when your

inside people are working against you as well, it can make the

toughest of souls weak at the knees.


Let me take you back a few years, and share a little story with



There I was, a fledgling in the corporate world, I had just quit

my (steady) job and sold everything I had to venture out into

entrepreneur life, when ďit never could happen to meĒ happened.


My closest friend and business partner wiped out our bank account

balance, leaving me with debt up to my eyeballs, and a lesson to

be learned.


I come from one of those attitudes that believe that everything

happens for a reason, so what could this reason be, I pondered?


It was tough; let me tell you - faced with the biggest crossroad

of my life.


A failing business with no cash to save me, a close friendís

betrayal, and two roads leading into separate directions.


One, go after the person who did me wrong, obviously having a

slam dunk case and would win in any court. Or two, use that same

precious time and energy to focus in a more positive manner on

rebuilding what I once had, and learn from the experience, if

nothing else, what I would never tolerate again.


What would you do?


For myself, I chose the second of the two, knowing darned well,

that by wasting my thoughts and energy on ways to get back at

this person, and how I could make them suffer as I, there would

be little left to focus on what really mattered most:


-         - > Creating the business model and dream that I had began

in the first place.


What made me take this route, you ask?


There is an old saying that goes Ďmany receive good advice, yet

few actually profit from it.Ď


Since I chose to succeed, I went back and listened to all my old

motivational tapes, thumbed through the books, and messages, got

my focus back and quickly realized that we are all dealt

obstacles in this world.


I mean, there will always be stumbling blocks in our lives,

thatís just part of life itself.


Itís our ďAttitudeĒ toward these events that show the world who

we are as a person.


For, itís been said: we learn more about someone on one bad day,

than on all their good days put together.


Have you ever wondered why some people seem to always have drama

in their lives, while others simply go with the flow? Or why one

group of people are happy and content most the time, while some

seem to only attract anger and chaos into their lives?


I believe itís because what we feel and how we see ourselves on

the inside is the direct reflection on how we feel and see the

world around us.


Someone once said to me, ďwe canít control our circumstances all

the time, but we can control our attitude toward them.Ē A true

statement I know, but come on - I was stuck in a tight spot here.


So, there I was - with a BIG decision to make and decided to take

on this challenge as just that.


A challenge.


I figured, if I could overcome this situation that seemed so

grave at the time, and not only make it through it, but actually

grew from it, perhaps, maybe - just maybe my business partner

didnít fail me after all.


Hereís what I did.


I moved on and buried the past. I went into the office the next

day, changed the locks on the door, rolled up my sleeves and

never looked back.


Itís amazing what a new coat of paint can do to a dreary old

room, and thatís what I did for my business and attitude toward

it. Out with the old, and in with the new.


When I called all my customers and explained what had happened,

you wouldnít believe the response. It was like a brotherhood of

business people. Each person I spoke with having more advice that

the last. It was strange how I felt all-alone, and ashamed for

letting someone take advantage of me, while others saw me as a

new start up, and simply green behind the ears. Remember, we all

make mistakes.


There were many lessons learned that month, and I took the advice

given to me by these people, by hiring the best accounting person

I could find, and then one of the best of Tax firms to oversee

their numbers as well.


By doing so, guess what happened?


My business rose to the highest of dimensions, allowing me to set

my sights on growth rather than setbacks, and on the future

rather than the past.


That was many, many years ago. The company became a corporation,

and eventually the corporation was sold to another.


Now I find myself here, writing this story as if it were

yesterday, remembering one of the greatest lessons Iíve learned.


In life - things will happen, both for the good and the bad. Itís

the way we handle these situations that make us who we are.


Itís all right to feel anger; itís OK to sense pain, but in the

end, when the story is written, which path will you have chosen?


Live in the past, or live FOR the future.


Best wishes, and what ever you doÖ.


Keep Smilin'


- 30 -


By: Keynote Speaker Gregory Scott Reid

Speaker and two-time #1 best-selling author,

The Millionaire Mentor and Wake Up: Live the Life You Love