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Dress for Success to be Your Best!


Success in the business world depends on two things: your

abilities and your attitude. Now, your abilities are generally

due to your education (both formal & non) and natural talent.

However, your attitude and the way people perceive you may be

altered with just a few seams.


For example, wearing the right clothes to an interview, meeting,

or seminar can determine your success or failure in that arena.

Many a person has gone into an interview with the perfect

credentials for a job only to leave disappointed because he or

she did not reflect the look and attitude that the company



How can Haute Couture help?


One way to create a distinctive personality is to purchase

clothes made just for you. The French word haute couture

represents just this idea. This phrase meaning high fashion is

now synonymous with beautiful, distinctive, original clothing

created in the best design houses in the world. Using the best

designers, the best fabrics, and the best seamstresses, haute

couture clothing will fit you perfectly and help you to give an

air of confidence, composure, and success.


Do you want to be the most successful you can be? Do you want to

create an attitude that encourages future employers to choose you

and present employers to give you a promotion? Do you want people

at all your events to recognize you for your abilities, style,

and attitude? Then, you need to purchase at least one haute

couture suite or main article of clothing.


In order to obtain one of these exclusive suits, you will need to

make an appointment with the design house before visiting Paris.

Each house creates model garments for their biannual shows, but

sometimes these clothes are sent out of the country for shows

elsewhere. Other houses will create a video of the shows so that

serious buyers may watch either from the comfort of their home or

in the design house while the model clothes are away.


After making your appointment, seeing these luxurious clothes,

and choosing what you want, the design house will do a fitting to

make sure that your clothes are perfect. After the first

measurements when you choose the model, you must be prepared for

a minimum of three more fittings. Adjustments are completed mis a

plat, which means* that they take apart the outfit and put it

back together before your next fitting. When you receive the

final product, it will fit you perfectly, hiding any negative

points in your figure and emphasizing all the good.


What about Haute Couture and men?


Business people all over enjoy haute couture. Especially men.


“Be Bold. Be Noticed. Be You,” said Gregory Scott Reid,

well-known speaker and three-time #1 best-selling author.


California native, Reid created this unique design when he

realized that Men's fashion was primarily left unchanged. Each

day he typically wore his shirt/tie/suit combination to the

office and for special occasions. However, he questioned why he

was spending exorbitant amounts of money on wonderful ties that

he couldn't show off.


That is where his inspiration began. Reid teamed up with Haute

Couture Fashion Designer, Kimberly Mac. Together they were able

to take Reid’s idea of cutting ‘slits’ into one of his dress

shirts, and “weave” a tie through it, enabling people to not only

show off more of the tie, but also creating an original look that

was long overdue in men’s fashion.


“Voila!  The look for today's man,” said Reid.


Original, first ever, never available before, Reid’s shirts

feature double pearl button cuffs and superior quality fabric in

Jarkarta White, Skyline Blue and Midnight Black. This woven

collar shirt, as seen in GQ, Ebony, FHM, SkyMall,  Washington

Post,  944, Skope and across the globe, comes to you from Mui

Fina at .


So stop worrying about the impression you are making as clients,

employers, friends and family. People will be able to immediately

recognize your new air of confidence and success with haute

couture. More information on haute couture can be found at  and at


Dress for success and create your success!



* "Haute Couture Fashion History" By Pauline Weston Thomas





By Diana Barnum is a correspondent for Savvy Style News at  . She can be reached at (614) 529-9459

or  . Word count: 755