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Coping with Anxiety (Part 1 of Maladies Series)
by Diana Barnum

A normal reaction to stress is to take action & cope or run away. However, if excessive fear, worry or nervousness creates anxiety, these daily reactions can be can be distorted. Danger can be perceived in a simple outing to the grocery store, immobilizing a person. How can you tell if your reactions are normal or excessive? Aaron T. Beck, Gary Emery and Ruth L. Greenberg share the following in their book Anxiety Disorders and Phobias: A Cognitive Perspective(New York: Basic Books, 1985):

Anxiety is generally considered a normal reaction if it is roused by a realistic danger and if it dissipates when the danger is no longer present. If the degree of anxiety is greatly disproportionate to the risk and severity of possible danger, and if it continues even though no objective danger exists, then the reaction is considered abnormal.

What causes anxiety? Several factors can cause this; among them, genetic predisposition, negative self-talk, inner conflicts, early childhood learned/social environment, physical/medical symptoms illness, new medications, etc, coping and social behaviors. To learn more, let's look at the symptoms and the different forms anxiety can take.

If you have at least 4 of the following physical symptoms more than once in a four-week period, you may be suffering anxiety attacks:

Numbness in the hands & feet
Racing heartbeat or palpitations
Trembling hands
Hot flashes or chills
Upset stomach
Profuse sweating
Strong fears about dying
Lose control or fear of going crazy
Chest pain
Feelings of unreality or being detached

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Anne-Rene Lawton is a certified instructor of the Alexander Technique is a as well as ACE certified personal trainer and dancer. She shares her tips for incorporating the Principles of the Alexander Technique into your workouts at the gym:

1. Start to notice how you are using body when you exercise. When you bend to pick up weights do you use your hips, knees and ankles or the middle of your back?

2. Allow the neck muscles to stay free of excess tension so that the spine has room to lengthen as you exercise.

3. As you lift weights allow the torso to lengthen and widen, not shorten and narrow.

4. When lifting weights try not to tense other muscles that are not directly related to the exercise.

5. Do not jut the rib cage out when lifting weights. When the ribs push forward the back shortens and narrows straining the lower back.

6. Make sure you are upright when using the cardio equipment (treadmill, stationary bike, stairmaster, etc.). Collapsing the chest center makes it more difficult to breathe.

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State of the art skincare and attentive personalized service define SkinCareLab and set this sleek SOHO spa apart. All facial and body treatments, as well as retail product lines, have been selected from sources around the world by dermatologist Bradford Katchen, MD, whose office is located one floor below the spa.

With white leather banquettes, slate floors, heated treatment beds, and soothing lighting SkinCareLab is an elegantly modern environment. All treatment rooms are private, each with its own shower and comfortable changing area.

The SkinCareLab menu offers products and treatments suited to many different skin types and are customized to suit the individualb s needs. Among the product-lines and treatments used at SkinCareLab is Epicuren, an exclusive treatment developed in Southern California using 3 active masks to deeply exfoliate, leaving the skin calm and glowing; the French Phytomer and Algotherm facials renew the skin with sea weed and other marine ingredients from Brittany; and the Classic Carita, a luxurious and much sought after renovating and firming treatment from Paris is now finally available at SkinCareLab.

SkinCareLabb's body treatments include Swedish and Deep Tissue massage, mud and seaweed wraps, exfoliating scrubs, and French self-tanning treatments. Also available are luxurious, meticulous manicures and pedicures using the seaweed salts and scrubs of Brittany and Epicuren Tri-Crystal Microderm Scrub (also available for the full body).

Aesthetic treatments such as Microdermabrasion, Laser hair removal, Botox and Collagen injections are also available in the office of Dr. Katchen on the third floor.

SkinCareLab also distributes a weekly email newsletter, the SkinCareLab Reporter, to detail the latest developments and trends in the skincare industry. You can log on to skincarelabreporter.com to sign up to receive it.

Please visit SkinCareLab.com or call SkinCareLab at 212.334.3142 for more in depth information about our spa services and products.


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