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TopLine Expands Services

- Work-At-Home & Earn 6-Figures



Mesa, Arizona –  According to recent research studies, a large

number of people over 40 years of age are in search of a new

means of earning income. For example, more then 3.5 million*

people between the ages of 40 and 58 are leaving the U.S.

workforce during the fist half of the decade. Many between ages

55 to 64 who are fired or laid off are less likely to find new

jobs than 25 to 54 year-olds, especially ones that pay better.

And approximately 85 out of 100 Americans reaching age 65 do not

have even $250; in fact,  98% of them are dependent upon family,

church, or government.


These people need to earn a living. A good one. And many are

looking for alternative options to endless job hunting, early

retirement & using up savings, or buying a franchise with too

many restrictions, start-up costs and ongoing support fees.


“I would highly recommend this TopLine (Business Solutions)

training to anyone who is thinking about a business opportunity

for whatever reason…,” said Mark Manuel, who at age 47 traveled

more than he wanted to and was looking for an alternative way to

earn income so that he could spend more time with his wife and 3



Manuel looked at several franchise opportunities and biz ops, but

didn’t like the fact that you had to give up a percentage of

earnings, among other headaches and restrictions. A colleague

referred him to TopLine Business Solutions, a training solution

for Business Development Consultants.


“There’s never been a template to follow to make sure you have a

tactical program that helps you implement and correct the problem

and generate great wealth for your client,” said Manuel. And then

he found TopLine.


“You want to work less, you don’t want to work more, you don’t

want to travel, you want to have control of your time, you don’t

feel like you’re earning the money that you’re worth. For

whatever rationale…”



History Of TopLine


Founded by Martin Howey, a 38-year consultant to some of the

world’s corporate giants including Black & Decker, AT&T, Mobil

Oil, Sheraton Hotels and Bank of America, TopLine first opened

its doors in the U.K. During its first 6.5 months, the company

became known as the country’s fastest growing business

opportunity, carrying a value of more than $12.4 million. Now

headquartered in the U.S., TopLine’s consultants operate in 13

countries worldwide.


TopLine’s consultants come from a variety of backgrounds

including, accounting, advertising account reps, sales,

marketing, graphic designers, and business executives. Each

candidate is carefully screened and enrolled in a week-long

intensive training class to teach them the TopLine systems.

Following a well-defined plan, many TopLine consultants earn in

the mid six-figures in their first 90 days, while their clients

often see bottom line profit increases of 300% to 400% in that

same period.


The CEO of TopLine Business Solutions, a Phoenix-based

consultancy training firm, is Martin Howey. Howey is an expert in

working with such corporate giants that include Mobil Oil,

Sheraton Hotels, Black & Decker, AT&T, and Bank of America.


TopLine’s associate or consultant trainees work through a

week-long intensive training program that includes client

acquisition, identifying areas of opportunity, and creating and

implementing corrective solutions and productivity systems. They

ultimately operate under a fee-based licensing arrangement

without the restrictions and fees of a franchise, and with

unlimited income opportunity.



For more information, visit , call:(480)969-1738 or

email: .





* "50 and fired" by John Helyar, Fortune vol 151,

N0 10, published on June 13, 2005, the Bureau of Labor Statistics

and the U.S. Social Security Board.


-           30-



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