October 16,2003



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Columbus, OH – In a recent study, Federal Reserve Bank of New York reported that most of the 2.7 million jobs lost since 2001 have been eliminated positions. By 2015, a predicted 3.3 million U.S. jobs will be transferred overseas, according to Forrester Research, Inc. What remains are companies who want to focus on fast moving products and services, with downsized staffing. However, turnover among hourly workers including cashiers, wait staff and call center representatives ranges from an estimated 100 to 200 percent.


A solution is for these growing companies to seek key employees for their teams, employees who are multi-talented, committed, responsible and reliable. Companies like Train-Ease provides solutions for these enterprising businesses, decreasing employee turnover by 10% to 30% and reducing hiring time by over 50%.


“We offer solution tools,” said Rick Willimott, CPBA, CPVA and president of Train-Ease, Inc. based in Columbus, Ohio. “Employers use our Behavioral Assessments to assess talent and match with specific job competencies, build team morale by understanding themselves and others, along with interviewing in the selection process.”


Willimott just achieved the highest level of professional excellence from Target Training International, Ltd. (TTI) in the use of the Values & DISC Instruments, earning him credentials of CPVA (Certified Professional Values Analyst) and CPBA (Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst).  His company, Train-Ease, is a distributor for TTI, a leader in product development and behavior / values research. TTI boasts creation of the first fully validated computerized Behavioral Assessments.


“We can assess potential employees; for example, what kind of job they would do well in, their behaviors, how they work with others, what motivates them, etc.,” explained Willimott.


With Train-Ease’s solution tools, employers can learn how long a potential job applicant will likely stay on the job with up to approximately 70 percent accuracy. Other test indicators predict a variety of job areas including work and sales performance, dependability, attendance and more.


“If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a demonstration could be worth a thousand pictures”. 

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