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Can I share the ultimate secret to success with you?


                     There are no secrets!


By definition, Secrets are considered hidden knowledge.


Truth be told, the knowledge that will lead you to the greatest

of heights is not hidden at all.


In fact, many of the answers can be found right here in your

hands, as you glide through these magical pages.


They can be readily obtained through stories, parables and song,

written by or about mentors who ventured before us gaining

experience through trial and error and wish to share what they

have discovered.


As you will find, the main driving force that separates the

successful, from mediocrity, is simply found in the clarity of

their goals and the ACTIONS taken to achieve them.


This alone can be the catalyst that lifts our self from the 95%

who dream of success, to the 5% who actually achieve it.


To master the (not so) secrets of the successful, we simply need

to follow three steps.


“Do what you love - master your talents – and take ACTION

towards your dream.”


By following this blueprint for success, you will preparing

yourself for the greatest of achievement and could potentially

assist you toward ultimately discovering your life’s purpose.


A big statement I know, so allow me to offer you the roadmap.



 The Success Equation ™:

  P + T X A2 = Success



Passion + Talent X Action (backed by a positive attitude) =




It works like this. On a piece of paper, write down a list of

the ten things you would do for a living if you could do

anything you want, and you would be willing to do it for free,

regardless of restrictions.


This is your Passion List.


Then, make a list of the top ten things you do best.


This is your Talent List.


The next step is to remove one item from each list until you are

left with only two — one from the Passion side and one from your

Talent side.


When one put these two items together, and back it by action,

they may very well have their new path toward success.


Let me give you an example to illustrate.


Say your Passion list was left with a desire to be a

professional basketball player, (this is the last item remaining

from your passion category) it’s what you would do for free, and

you love the sport in every way imaginable

Now, even though you may only be 4’10” tall, that’s OK because

on your talent list you realized your ability to lead and manage

others, (this is the last item remaining from your talent side)

put those two ingredients together and see what you have.


Even though you may not be the future Michael Jordan so to

speak, you could very well be the next great basketball coach,

clubhouse executive, sports agent, announcer, or start your own

line of foot wear.


Get the picture?


You get to combine what you love, with what you do best. Talk

about a potion for success.


Once this is complete, to increase your chance for greatness, I

would suggest one more thing.



Take action toward this plan – short and simple (no, I’m

referring back to the height issue again)


Just get out there and take action on this purpose.


There is no better time to do something than right now -


Why? Because the happiest, most balanced people have one common

denominator, they have re-directed their focus from the age-old

question, “What’s the meaning of life” and apply their attention

toward a more appropriate quest of discovering,


 “What is the meaning of MY life?”


Why are you here?


As I am sure you can agree, everyone feels that they have been

put on this spinning rock for a greater purpose, and now it’s

time for you to get out there and discover what this purpose is,

followed by pursuing it with everything we have.


Thanks to applying these same messages in my life, I have been

blessed to learn that my purpose comes from the mentoring of

others — helping them become successful by encouraging and

motivating them to follow their dreams.

I invite you to do the same, put the Success Equation to work

for you. For after all,


“When you do what you love and love what you do, you will have

success your whole life through.” 


Best wishes, and what ever you do - Keep smilin’…




Gregory Scott Reid, #1 best selling author The Millionaire

Mentor, Positive Impact, and co-author Wake up…Live the life you