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How to Enjoy a Healthier Life With A New Series


Good news! Health and beauty insider secrets are not just for

the ‘A-List’ any more. A new series of health and lifestyle

programs are underway, hosted by Kimberly Mac of the LIVEstyle

Program™ based in Laguna Beach, California.


Known as The ‘Naked’ Vegan (i.e. vegetarian),  Mac is an

international health educator, speaker, radio personality, best
selling author, certified live food chef and fashion designer

who ‘walks the talk.’


“Why am I known worldwide as The ‘Naked’ Vegan? No, I don’t run

around Naked all day!” explained Kimberly Mac. “My healthy

lifestyle consists of living with a stripped down perspective,

naturally raw in every way, incorporating live, energy foods,

free from chemicals, additives and hormones, with all areas of

my life being as Naked as possible.  I have actually been a

fashion designer all of my life and I know that a truly

beautiful person is not just the clothing and style you portray;

to look your best, it starts with focus on the inside, with your

inner body and mind.”


Kimberly has shared health and fashion advice with top celebrities

like Paula Abdul, American Idol Celebrity Judge;  Cyndi Lauper,

Grammy Award Music Artist; Carlos Santana, Grammy Award

Music Artist, and Ashanti, Grammy Award Music Artist.


“From a beef jerky diet to Vegetarian LIVEstyle and still loving

it…. Kimberly’s support and guidance has been positively Life –

Changing!” said Gregory Scott Reid, 7 time best selling author

and success mentor.


Secrets of what robs us of our beauty and youth?


One hint Kimberly shares is one many may not want to hear - DAIRY.  This hormone

injected animal milk is very detrimental to our beauty, youth and longevity.


Dairy creates a mucus lining in our intestinal tract.  Why do you think the

doctor tells one to take a glass of milk before taking medicines that could

destroy the stomach lining?  The milk is a coating and prohibits nutrients

as well as medicines from penetrating the walls.  Well, why would anyone

think that could be beneficial?  Here are a few statistics of thousands on

the ramifications of milk on our systems:


Ø      Children who drink more than three servings(1 cup serving size) of dairy

milk daily are prone to becoming overweight, even if it is low-fat

milk:  Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine , June 2005.


Ø      Studies show that people in Asia, who consume almost no dairy products,

have a significantly lower rate of hip fractures than people in "Got milk?"



Ø      Some 78,000 women over a 12-year period, those who consumed the most dairy foods

broke the most bones: Harvard University's 1997 Nurses Health Study.


Ø      There is an estimated 13% increase in ovarian cancer risk in women who

increased their lactose intake in amounts equivalent to one glass of

milk per day:  International Journal of Cancer, July 2005.


Ø      Men showed a link between high calcium consumption and prostate cancer:

Harvard 1998.


Remember, dairy has to be cooked or pasteurized at high temperatures to kill

all the bacteria that exists or would grow and so it can be shelved in

stores for longer shelf life.  They add calcium and other enriched vitamins

back into milk because it has none remaining after pasteurization kills

everything.  Whatever nutrients exist in milk, are added and are not natural



What can we substitute for milk other than soy, which may have it's own bag

of hidden agendas with it?  ALMOND MILK / ALMOND CREAM


Makes 1 qt

Stays fresh in refrigerator for up to 3 days – shake well before use


 - 1 cup whole raw almonds, soaked in 3 cups of filtered water overnight or for

the day, drained and rinsed until no color drains

 - 3 cups filtered water (not all may be needed, depending on if you want cream

(1 ½ cups water) or milk)

 - 3 dates, pitted or 1/8 Cup agave nectar  ( I personally only add 1 date or 1

 - Tbsp agave, but starting out on raw 3 is more like “real dairy” milk and

will taste richer and experiment with what works best for your body and


 - ½ tsp. Vanilla extract (optional and not necessary)

 - Pinch of Celtic Sea Salt or Himalayan Salt if desired


 1.     Put almonds in a blender with the water, dates and extract if

desired and puree until smooth and creamy and no chips of almonds are

remaining.  (You can blend the almonds first and add other ingredients after

for a sweeter taste in the final milk and plain pulp).

2.     Pour through a fine mesh strainer or a mesh nut bag  to remove almond

pulp.  Put remaining almond milk in a glass jar and cover.

3.     Save almond pulp in freezer until you have 6 cups to make almond





Treasure Chest of Health & Beauty Secrets


Many more health tips will be shared in upcoming LIVEstyle

Programs™.Coming up soon are:


I. “Beauty From The Inside Out” Teleconference, May 3rd, 6 p.m.

Pacific with Kimberly Mac & Tonya Zavasta! 


“Beauty From The Inside Out” - The true ‘Fountain of Youth’ is

within your own body. Learn how to transform your beauty and

health, slow or even reverse aging, all naturally, without

surgery, chemicals or drugs.


II. Retreat LIVEstyle Program™  - Multi- day live events

focusing on  food rejuvenation, lifestyle cleansing to improve

your health and energy.


Guests have an all-inclusive week or weekend filled with living foods to

start, a full cleanse for several days on liquid nutrition, yoga

daily, breath-walking, lymphatic treatments and exercises,

mineral salt baths, infrared sauna, colon hydrotherapy, special

cleansing massage, and incredible ocean front accommodations…

steps from two beaches in gorgeous Laguna Beach, CA and much

needed rest and relaxation in paradise.


To pre-register for the telecourse, schedule sessions and learn

more, visit  call: (949) 735-5883 or

email:   today.






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