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The Olympic Attitude…Whatever it Takes!



Why do some people pursue their dreams while others bury their



It comes down to belief and desire. Whether you believe it’s

possible, whether you believe YOU can do it, and whether you

want the dream enough to do whatever it takes.


Let’s say you believe it’s possible and you think there’s a good

chance you can pull it off … now, what steps do you need to take

to make it happen?


Step number one is the willingness to take the risk. Many people

are able but few are willing. You see, you always have to give

something up in order to get something better. Most people are

not willing to give anything up. They are not willing to make

any sacrifices. They expect success to just fall on their lap.


That’s just not how life works. There’s no free lunch. Not only

do you have to be willing to go for it, but you have to be

willing to do whatever it takes.


Let’s break that last sentence down.


You have to be willing. Willing means that you are open minded.

Open minded means you are not judgmental. It means not making

any excuses. It means you are open to doing whatever might be



Whatever it takes is a level of commitment. Being committed

means you have made a decision that you will continue to pursue

your goal no matter what the consequences.


When you have a clear objective and are committed, you’ll

naturally start doing the things that will move you towards your

objective, and you’ll naturally stop doing the things that move

you away from your objective.


When you have a dream you are willing to fight for, the process

takes care of itself.


Whatever it takes is not just a level of commitment. It’s a HIGH

level of commitment. And, believe it or not, it’s the lowest

level of commitment that will guarantee that you will realize

your dream.


Let me explain. If reaching your dream, whether it be to become

financially free, or to buy a new car, or to be able to take

your family to Disneyland for two weeks, or to get your PhD…no

matter what your dream is, you have to be willing to do whatever

it takes.


Here’s why. If realizing your dream involves 64 items, 64 things

you have to do, you have to be willing to do all 64 of them. If

you’re only willing to do 63 of them, but not #64, then #64 will

be your undoing and you can kiss your dream goodbye.


It’s an attitude thing.


Life will seldom ask you to do all 64 things. But you don’t know

which ones you’ll have to do, so you’d better be willing to do

all 64. The “whatever it takes” attitude will help you do the

required items so well that success will be assured.


The trick is to be willing to do whatever it takes with no

guarantees of success. Only then is success possible.




Ruben Gonzalez is the author of the critically acclaimed book,

“The Courage to Succeed.” His experiences as a three-time

Olympian, businessman, and professional keynote speaker give him

a unique perspective on how to conquer the corporate struggles

of today. For his free 10-Part Success eCourse, visit   or contact him at 832-689-8282.