October 28, 2002



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Brier’s Virtual HI-Tech A/V Showroom Wins Award


Middlefield, CT – An innovative team of experts at Brier Web Development just a HOBI award, the 2002 Best Supplier Web Site award from the Fairfield County Home Builders & Remodelers Association (HBRA). The site boasts a full color, interact, online portfolio of consumer electronics for upscale homes. 


“We were targeting the Home Builders Associations and the Consumer Electronics market,” said Dawn Barson, web designer and co-owner of Brier. “The website was created for a high-end, custom audio/video company called HomeTronics Lifestyles.”


HomeTronics Lifestyles, based in Middlefield, Connecticut, integrates custom designed electronics into homes. Their products include home theatre systems, structured cabling with wall jacks and panels, audio systems with in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, phone communications systems and programmable lighting systems.


Virtual showrooms like HomeTronics come in handy when physical office space is not readily available or in the budget. They can reach shoppers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and stay competitive without the entire overhead of physical displays included in the pricing.


“Companies can also tell their stories in full color at a fraction of the cost of print and lower their marketing costs in a big way,” explained Barson.


This is the second year in a row that Brier Web Development has won an award from HBRA. Their site for Construction Concepts Corp. of Stamford, Connecticut, won a HOBI award for Best Remodelers Web Site.


 Brier Web Development is the official team for HBRA.  They work with members of the in Fairfield County HBRA to create or redesign their web sites. Their results offer an array of benefits for potential buyers as well as storeowners.  For example, a virtual showroom opens a door into the community for potential buyers. Companies can show-n-tell finer details about the community, surrounding communities, school systems, relocation process, property size and location with multimedia. A virtual door offers interactive links, digital images and maps. And virtual links with other sites mean more exposure, more sales. HBRA websites:



For companies that want to be a part of the buyers’ experience, virtual showrooms are definitely the way to go.


For more information about virtual showroom creations, contact Brier Web Development at 6 Way Road, Middlefield, CT 06455. Call: (800) 449-3830 or fax inquiries to: (860) 349-7087. And visit them online at www.brier.com or e-mail info@brier.com .






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