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How to Really Benefit from Associations


Looking for new leads, new contacts, new business opportunities?

Do what nine out of 10 adults do, according to a recent article

by the American Society of Association Executives. Join an

Association.  Choose from over 130,000 associations in the United

States alone that represent practically any industry at national,

international, regional, state and local levels.


How can you reap benefits from association contacts?, an Ohio-based company that helps businesses

worldwide with their marketing, public relations and freelance

writing services, shared  tips based on their own client projects

and Association affiliations in a 3-part series.


For your convenience, the entire series is online:


· Part I:  “How to Develop Industry Contacts”

· Part II:  “Tips For Improved Networking in Associations”

· Part III:  “Researching Associations in Your Industries”



Part I:



1.         Keep lists of industry associations that your company and

clients are affiliated with handy.


2.         Bookmark the association websites and place their contact

information in separate computer and print folders


3.         Contact all associations where appropriate and let them know

that as a member and affiliate with your client who is a member,

you’d like them to add your personal mailing info & email address

to their member lists so that you get their member guides,

newsletters, press releases & other announcements, etc.


4.         Stay in touch monthly or bi-monthly with association contacts

you meet either in person or via the phone, fax or email. Attend

events when possible and volunteer on committees. When you can’t

attend, ask for minutes of the meetings or follow up in the next

newsletter. Follow up & congratulate speakers & other (workshop)

presenters; asked to be placed on their mailing lists, etc. Note

that many groups still have difficulties with electronic

communications, so reach out with the phone. Note: If emailing,

keep your emails in the “Sent” folder until you hear back. If you

don’t hear back, your email most probably never reached the

recipient, so call to touch base.


5.         Log communications in a notebook or separate online file and

follow up.


6.         Keep hard copy folders for each organization to hold the

membership guide, latest newsletter, URL & other contact info.

What works well is to use 3-ring plastic page inserts where you

can insert a bunch of papers, a brochure & other goodies into one

packet, then just insert the entire pack into a 3-ring binder. Or

file the plastic packets in a file cabinet for quick retrieval.


7.         Take advantage of online aids. For example, keep up with the

latest info to discuss with group members by joining an ebook club: . And share your own company /

industry tips, news & other automation enhancements (like

electronic downloads of your own ebooks & reports) with .







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