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Diana Barnum, President

3288 Darby Glen Blvd
Hilliard, Ohio 43026
Ph (614) 529-9459 / Fax (561) 760-3295

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Where we help with your juggling act!

Let us help you start or expand your operations with any combo of the following:

  • A website creation or revision

  • Set up or expand your subscriber base, call to confirm contacts, set appointments, get sponsors, etc.

  • Kick off a newsletter or ezine

  • Set up autoresponders with series of reports, sales letters, classes to instruct your subscribers about your own products and services, or more...

  • Establish email signature file ads with links

  • Work with you on short-term or long-term goals

  • Set up an affiliate program (with your products, services and / or those of others) complete with links to bring in extra income.

  • Hire us to write and submit ongoing press releases and articles for you, both to online and offline publishers and media, for Maximum Exposure - - and even follow up regularly for Maximum placement opportunities. (It's like having extra staff without paying extra for healthcare, Social Security and other business costs - oh, yeah!!)

  • Set aside a portion of time each week or month to have an ebook creation and / or online workshop / class ghostwritten by us. Then have us market them on an ongoing basis.

  • And a lot more....!


  • You can get help. No need to worry about Worker's Comp, health insurance costs, benefits packages, etc. We're a team of freelancers; work with us and forget all that.

  • You can get away for a vacation, recover from burn-out or just take a breather for awhile: short-term or long-term, while we do the work.

  • You can save time and money and be up with the latest trends quickly. We get and use the latest info and resources here. We are members of & network with groups like the Internet Warriors, #1 Marketing Group on the net for over 6 years! What worked yesterday may not work tomorrow. Don't waste your time, your energy or your money.

  • You can enjoy yourself, your family - - your life more. With increased help, time, income, savings, sales and marketing, you can decrease stress, long workdays and work weeks, hectic running around and juggling.

  • You can grow not only in the business realm, but in other areas. With extra and improved quality time, energy and resources, grow and round out your life; be more sociable, reach into your spirituality, give back to the community more...

  • We work with companies long- or short-term to not only create products but market them. And we offer a variety of pricing plans that can easily be adjusted to fit your needs and budget.

    Pricing Plans: Click Here


     Thank you for the opportunity to be of service and for visiting today.

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